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Assess & Plan

Focusing on the most strategic HC metrics and then planning for strategic improvement makes a difference in the recruitment and retention of teachers and leaders in urban and rural school districts across a State.  The tools in the section will both help you identify the right data for focus and the how to utilize that data to drive the most strategic work.  In this section, you will find data and planning tools connected with:

  • Supply & Demand of Teachers
  • Creating equity across high and low-need school districts
  • Teacher Preparation Providers
  • Data that supports district decision-making


If you have not yet explored the State Diagnostic Tool, we recommend taking a look as you dig into the component parts.

By collecting, analyzing, and utilizing the most critical HC data, States can leverage these data to support the work of districts in the most impactful and focused ways.
–Craig Chin, USHCA Team Member