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Case Studies and Scenarios

Scenarios are brief narrative stories and Case Studies are deeper studies that analyze the strategic work that is accomplished by individuals and teams to meet Human Capital goals.  State and district teams can read and discuss these scenarios and case studies in order to have a shared conversation about strategic decisions made to move forward HC work.

Hearing fascinating stories, based on real-life situations, provides a lens for the learners to see through as they assess their own context and unique situation.
–Susan Marks, USHCA Team Member


Scenario – Locus of Control Scenario to identify strategic actions in your locus of control
Engaging Teachers in the Land of Enchantment Case study that reflects on New Mexico's reform efforts, focused on district engagement
Problem of Practice Consultancy Protocol Protocol to define and seek feedback on a key problem of practice
Problem Statements for Conversation on Approaches Activity to open up conversation on approaches a State team can take to solve a problem
Blue Sheet/Green Sheet Activity Warm-up to consider district support